09:00 LT – 19:00 LT

09:00 LT – SS


from 07:00 Z (09:00 LT) to 17:00 Z (19:00 LT) in the summer period

(from the last Sunday in March to the last Saturday in October)

from 07:00 Z (09:00 LT) to sunset (excluding half-hour) in the winter period

(last Sunday in October to last Saturday in March)


Do not land outside these hours without a PPR!


Landing with a closed airport will result in an immediate report to Italian Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the automatic intervention of an operator with the charge of the fee for the extra-time service with late request (600 € for the first hour, 400 € for the following hours).

At closing time all persons must be outside the airport. Otherwise the Extra-Time service will be automatically charged (even if the landing took place during opening hours).

During closing hours it is NOT possible to access the Air Side Area for any activity: aircraft access, maintenance, camping, take-offs and landings.